BIG STORY: A Piece of the Collusion Puzzle Revealed in NYT

George Papadopoulos was having drinks, too many drinks, with an Australian diplomat in May 2016. What he told the diplomat was that the Russians had damaging material on Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos had been told 3 weeks before that Moscow had e-mails. This is all months before the first Wikileaks drop of e-mails. When Wikileaks did release those damaging e-mails the diplomat called the FBI.

How did the Trump campaign’s “coffee boy” and of course the campaign itself, know about Wikileaks e-mails that far ahead of their release? Duh! The Russians told them. They used them as leverage to get quid pro quos on sanctions and on changing the RNC platform regarding arming Ukrainians. And that’s just what we know of. Could Putin have other uses for Trump?


Also, keep in mind that Mueller has had this allllllll along.

With that in mind, we now know that the entire investigation started with this incident, not with any dossier, as Trump’s flunkies have been saying. As if that excused any of the obvious Russian interference and growing evidence of collusion.

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