ESPN Head Resigns Over Substance Abuse Problem

Whew!  At least he didn’t abuse any women.  I needed this reminder that people get fired/resign for other reasons.

Statistically, 100% of men will have to go.

But also 5% of women.  Democrats executed a woman running for a House seat in Kansas who was accused of harassing someone years ago.  Who knows, maybe she was the best candidate for that seat.  This zero tolerance standard is going to hurt Dems in the long run.  I get the moral high ground so we can go after real bad guys like Trump.  But the moral high ground is so 20th century.  I don’t think this unilateral foot shooting will achieve the goal you are looking for.



Trump believes that Mueller will exonerate him.  So no, there’s no plan to fire him.  Any rational person not living in an orange bubble might be panicked and do something crazy and Nixonian to obstruct justice, as so many distraught persons are worried about.  But Trump does not have a typical psychological make up, remember?

His people may be deceiving him in order to keep him from freaking out and doing said crazy Nixonian thing, but in any case he believes in the exoneration fairy.  At least at the moment.

White House special counsel Ty Cobb and Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd, are trying to prevent Trump from lashing out over the investigation, said a source who speaks with the President. “What they are trying to do is manage Trump. That’s what everyone tries to do.”
But a longtime friend of the President’s said he believes Trump’s attorneys have “lulled him into a false sense of security” — which could be a dangerous game.
“I’ve known him long enough to know that disappointing him is a problem and they’ve built up a level of expectations for him that are unrealistic,” the Trump friend said.
As far as indictments of Jared or others close to him setting him off, do not forget that he is the ultimate narcissist.  His first, last and only significant thought is about himself.  So long as he isn’t indicted, he doesn’t feel threatened.
And Dowd and Cobb are HIS lawyers, not Jared’s.  They only have one client, just Trump. So they will continue to tell him that he’s safe and it’ll all be over soon. Until they can’t.
Then we’ll need to march to support the rule of law.  Not this week.

Inadvertent Hero Sen. John Kennedy Has Voted for Every Trump Nominee

Yes, he illustrated that an unqualified Trump judicial nominee was super unqualified, while Republican.  But he’s voted for every one so far.  He also voted for DeVos, Pruitt, Perry, Sessions, etc. You’re not a hero for doing what would have been the normal, every day thing to do for ANYBODY in normal times.

Vox has the backstory to why an FCC commissioner (who served with WH counsel Don McGahn) was nominated to a judicial post.  Um, because he’s a loyal Trumper and they don’t know enough qualified anti-democratic ideologues so they have to reach for unqualified anti-democratic ideologues and even nutsy cuckoo anti-democratic ideologues.

“I first learned about Mr. Duncan’s nomination when I received a phone call — actually a series of phone calls — from Mr. Don McGahn,” Kennedy said, according to the Acadiana Advocate. “Mr. McGahn was very firm that Mr. Duncan would be the nominee — to the point that he was on the scarce side, in one conversation, of being polite.”



Ajit Pai, Not Just the Man Who Sold Out the Internet, Also a Dick


Ajit Pai illustrating his oddly small head.

Mother Jones with the details of his cavorting with a Pizzagate hussy and other typical conservative rudeness.

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Pai mocked her remarks. “Thank you Commissioner Clyburn. I’m going to mark you down as a ‘no’ then?” he said, laughing.


Pai is the kind of conservative/libertarian dick that carries his arrogance around in an extra large man purse in order to smack people with it whenever he feels appropriate.  None of his legal or economic assumptions have been proven right, but in his head he’s never been wrong.  His theories are iron clad, but sometimes the world fails him, which only proves his theory… somehow.

But Pai is till not a bigger dick than Donald Trump Jr., who either didn’t know that his father appointed Pai or pretended that wasn’t reality.

Trump: The Only Honor is Corruption

Josh Marshall really has an epiphany here in diagnosing Trump-think.

To the President, soliciting political contributions creates a bond of subservience against which any subsequent caviling about mammoth political differences is either sleazy, hypocritical or disloyal.

What it all amounts is that personal loyalty, a kind of mafia-like allegiance, is the only legitimate mode of interaction. Which is to say, in Trumpthink, only corruption has legitimacy.

Trump sets himself up as the only source of power and you either come to him as a supplicant or you are an enemy in what can only be described a medievel way of thinking.


Krugman Abides

Had to post this twitter chain from Krugthulu.

The only thing I would add is the degradation of the elected Republican official over time.  When the activists and think tanks first came up with the strategies and policies that created the modern GOP, there were many GOP elected officials who knew that those policies were bad economics, bad social engineering and terrible foreign policy – they recognized that it was aimed at rubes to help them get elected.  But the rank and file of actual educated statesmen was replaced over the years with the very rubes who absorbed and internalized the bullshit through talk radio and Fox News.  Now the electeds actually believe the fanciful nonsense that the media arm spews, culminating in a president who gets his news from Fox and Friends.

The last remaining Republicans that remember what statesmen and responsible Republican public servants were are on MSNBC railing against their party every night.

Hatch and Grassley Have Been in the Senate for Seventy-Eight Years Between Them and Do Not Understand Basic Economics

Your Republican Party at (what they call) work.

Which is pretty bad, besides the fact that they’re elitist, classist and silly old ninnies.

Grassley, senator from Iowa since 1981 and in Congress before that for 3 terms, powerful chairman of several committees over the years, said this about the estate tax:

“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,” Grassley said, “as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

Proving that Grassley should be retired from public service to play Mr. Potter in live versions of “It’s a Wonderful Life”  His comment is profoundly stupid and yet also massively disgusting and should illustrate that he is the arrogant, elitist, establishment swamp that so many people in Iowa voted for Trump to eliminate.  Taken at face value he’s asserting that there are people who would be benefiting from repeal of the Estate Tax but they’re spending too much on “booze or women or movies.”  How expensive are movies in Iowa?  Or women?

[As Philip Bump has calculated it would take buying 310,697 fewer bottles of liquor to qualify for the present estate tax.]

So Grassley is saying that 99.8 percent of Americans lead contemptible lives of waste and folly, while only that remaining sliver of the extra-wealthy have shown the virtue that should win their heirs the ability not to pay taxes on the fortunes bequeathed to them.

Orrin Hatch, senator from Utah, who used to pretend to be friends with Ted Kennedy, has been in the senate since 1976.  That’s 42 years and 7 terms in the senate. The senator from the Church of Latter Day Saints said this about spending on CHIP (and other safety net programs):

“I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves, won’t lift a finger, and expect the federal government to do everything.”

As Paul Waldman writes, this is what these people actually believe, it’s not spin for their base.  Both of these guys are too old to fake compassion anymore, if they ever had it at all it’s gone the way of testosterone, decreasing to undetectable levels.  They hold the majority of their constituents in contempt and apparently only respect their donors, who are virtuous because they have made fortunes.  Anybody who relies on the government (hm, like Hatch and Grassley?) are lazy losers.

But once again, their beliefs here are not only Darwinian throwbacks to Dickensian attitudes, they betray complete ignorance of basic economics after a collective 78 years in what has been not ironically referred to as the world’s greatest deliberative body.

If they grew mutton chop sideburns and said these things in 1817 we could ignore the mustiness of their utterances, but they’re still deciding matters for this country that they are way, way, way too out of touch to decide for anybody.  (Ex.: see women’s bodies.)

While the GOP was once again screwing America, these also damaging stories were overlooked

Troll-like Texas congressman Blake Farenthold paid $84,000 in taxpayer money to pay off a sexual harassment allegation. Given what he looks like we probably got off light there. Go find any picture of him if you dare, I won’t post it for the same reason I wouldn’t stare at an eclipse, it’s eyeball scalding. Especially the picture of him in his ducky pajamas. He’s just awful, and for a Republican, that’s just typical, a feature, not a bug.

Similarly Trey Gowdy, the chief Benghazi conman is a nightmare for eyes and the coffers. He caused $150,000 of taxpayer money to be paid in a wrongful dismissal suit when he fired a staffer who refused to spend all their time investigating Hillary Clinton.

Again, these morally compromised and ethically challenged idiots are what the GOP offers everywhere. They need to go away ASAP.