Trump Named No. 1 Most Oppressive of Press Freedom

It’s quite a competition between Trump, Putin, Urdogan – all good friends by the way – and up and comers like Duterte.  Trump also got rookie of the year and Duterte was so mad he blocked the press from reporting it.

But Trump earned it by being so unprecedented as an American leader acting like a banana republic strongman.

Trump’s disrespect for the First Amendment is his most obvious offense, CPJ noted, and is so flagrant that leaders in other countries have adopted his “fake news” term for unflattering coverage.

Yep, Trump aided and abetted the most vile and corrupt leaders everywhere by pushing his “fake news” meme for any reporting that he didn’t like.  In a great example of American exceptionalism, when Trump took on the mantle of anti-democratic shit heel he went right to the top of the Committee to Protect Journalists list.

Though CPJ determined that countries like Russia and China hold the tightest grip on their national media, it declared Trump the winner for “overall achievement.”

Trump was named runner-up in CPJ’s “Most Thin-Skinned” category, losing to Erdoğan.

But really, it was just his first year.  His potential is off the charts.

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