A Timeline of 1968

Such a consequential year. There are the touchstones we all remember – assassinations of MLK and Kennedy, the Democratic Convention, urban and college campus unrest.

It’s also the year the 747, 60 Minutes and Intel debuted. Arthur Ashe was first black U.S. Open winner and Shirley Chisholm first black female elected to Congress in 1968.

Nixon appeared on Laugh-In.

Every year has significant occurrences, but 1968 was arguably a watershed year in a watershed period. I assert that no ten years in all of human history changed society as much as the period from 1960 to 1970. Watch any movie from 1960 and juxtapose it with any movie from 1970. No other decade changed the way everything looked, felt and sounded like in the way the 60s did.

And that’s without any truly significant consumer technology changes, like telephones, cars, computers, cell phones – inventions that in and of themselves impacted life. NASA put a man on the moon in that decade, sure, but the complete and total roiling of society was not based on any tech breakthrough not available in 1960.

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