Another Blue Win in a Red Stronghold


The 34th such special election flip since the 2016 debacle.  And this wasn’t a close district.  It’s a gerrymandered GOP-friendly district that voted for Romney and Trump.  The incumbent Republican held it since 2000 and got 63.2% in  2016.  She gave up the seat to go work with wholly owned Koch Brothers subsidiary Scott Walker.

Democrat Patty Schachtner, a medical examiner by trade, won it by 9 points!  Conservatives spent money on the race too.  Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin spent $50k on this seat.

Is Paul Ryan next?  Walker is afraid, very afraid.

Yeah wake up and gerrymander harder Republicans.  Maybe there were voters there that could have been more suppressed?  Stop letting Mr. Charles and Mr. David down or they’ll hurt Scottie.  Piss them off and they’ll frack Lambeau Field, people!! They’ll do it!!


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