Another Scared Little Boy With Too Much Power Heard From

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton,  Army veteran and strong male conservative voice of conservatism countering the indecent femme voices of libturdness doesn’t want to hear from his constituents.  At least not if they have complaints.


The recipient of this cease and desist letter is a 60 year old woman and part of Ozark Indivisible who has been calling his office, as she describes, every day.  She responded to a question from the Arkansas Times blog:

I received a letter from the office of U.S. Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas after calling and expressing my grave concerns over his actions and support of this administration’s agenda concerning a wide variety of subjects from the attack on our healthcare, DACA and immigration issues, to national security, to the rise of white nationalist fascism, to the environment, the gutting of our State Department, the attack on the free press…and similar deeply troubling actions & motives I’ve seen Senator Cotton support & condone. It was odd to receive this letter as I’ve called other Members of Congress to express my strong thoughts and opinions about their actions and thought this to be not only my duty as an American citizen but my First Amendment right granted all U.S. citizens by our U.S. Constitution, the foundation of our Democracy.

She hasn’t been profane with his staff or anything like that (although Cotton’s office has another story, see below).  She’s not even one of the people who have been sitting outside his office for weeks trying to get his attention.  She’s just been calling. Opinionated 60 year old ladies can be pretty difficult, granted, as they invariable remind one of your mother, and who wants to hear from their mother that they’re senatoring poorly?

Yesterday, demonstrators — self-identified as being from “shithole countries” — were asked to leave Cotton’s Washington office after a noisy encounter with staff members who told them they’d be arrested for unlawful entry if they didn’t leave. They did, chanting “Dream Act Now.”

Ozark Indivisible says this isn’t the only cold, impersonal, formal and 1st Amendment violating letter emanating from Cotton’s office.  No, it’s a thing to get these letters. Several people have received them, although Cotton’s office denies it and says there was just one sent to a constituent who threatened violence and called one of Cotton’s interns a cunt.  Then the story changed and it was just about the “c-word”.  So you’re telling us a 60 year old woman called an intern a cunt on the phone?  Hm.  I’m dubious.

Now if she had called Cotton a cunt, I could believe it.  He deserves it.

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