Furiously Trying To Pass Off Blame for Shutdown When You Run Everything is Kinda SAD!

Every Republican is shoehorning the message that its Democrats’ fault if the government shuts down into every conversation in a pretty desperately silly way.

Elaine Chao (McConnell’s wife): Good morning Mitch , how did you sleep last night?

McConnell:  better than Senator Schumer who is going to be held responsible for shutting down the government.

Chao:  Can I make you eggs for breakfast?

McConnell:  Why would Democrats keep American children from getting the healthcare they need?  They don’t care about children or DACA.

Chao:  Okay, I  can make eggs or what?

McConnell:  Democrats are going to have egg on their faces when this is all over.  For shutting down the government.  It’s all on them, ya know.

Chao:  Okay, I’m going to work.  At the Dept. of Transportation.  While its still open.

McConnell:  While the Democrats keep it open, but they won’t, they’re going to close it!!!

Chao:  Okay Mitch.  You know there’s no reporters around, it’s just me.  I heard you say you don’t even know what the President wants.  You know and I know that you and Ryan decide what gets a vote or not. So you don’t have to keep pushing the talking points on me. Have good day.

(She leaves.  Pause.)

McConnell:  Democrats shut down my breakfast.  The American people will not stand for such a cynical approach to the most important meal of the day.

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