Dems Continue to Outraise GOPers Who Have an “Extreme” Problem

Dozens of Democratic candidates for the House are out raising their counterparts significantly.

Meanwhile their eat their own in Illinois, a Republican state representative who wants to challenge Republican Gov. Rauner is running a “Repulsive” ad that has Republican boogie men thank Rauner for things like letting rapists use girl’s bathrooms.

“Thank you, for signing legislation that lets me use the girl’s bathroom,” says a deep-voiced actor.

“Thank you, for making all Illinois families pay for my abortions,” says a woman wearing a pink hat symbolic of women’s marches. An African-American woman wearing a Chicago Teachers Union shirt “thanks” Rauner for purportedly making the rest of the state bail out city public schools and teachers pensions.

And in the literal worst case scenario an actual Nazi, not even slight hyperbole, is going to be on the ballot for the GOP in the Chicago area.  He is one of the Nazis that famously marched in Skokie in the 80s.

Arthur J. Jones, 70, of Lyons, is the lone candidate on the March 20 Republican primary ticket for the seat that includes Western Springs, La Grange and parts of southwestern Chicago. Jones, a former member of the American National Socialist Workers Party, has run for political office several times in the past but has never made it past the primary stage in the 3rd District.

Harder and harder for GOP talking heads to claim character assassination when we call them out on their evil policies.  They’re Nazi policies attracting Nazis, white nationalists, racists, sexists and haters of every (white) stripe.


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