The Stupid Seems to Be Expanding Exponentially

Of course the election of Trump and every defender exemplifies an Earth shaking stupid many of us could not have imagined. Others of us knew it was there, but it was so marginalized that it was easy to dismiss.  Now stupid is out and proud.

Spitting on an escalator, that’s stupid and unhygienic.

Eating horse poop, unspeakable stupid and unspeakable crazy unhygienic. (I do not recommend watching the video, unless you just cannot believe anybody can be that stupid. You could just take it from me and everybody else who has seen it, it’s real.)

Eating Tide Pods – this is a CRAZE!  FYI – Tide pods are laundry detergent, not some part of the growth process of a frog or something.  Procter and Gamble had to put out an alert because their Tide brand Pods looked like candy so young kids would try to eat them (where are the parents?).  Then when the warning went out, some freedom loving so-called adult Americans said “You can’t tell us what to eat” and started eating them… on purpose… as a jokey challenge.  You know, like eating horse poop.

Okay, I hear you say “Polislice, there’s always some stupid eating thing.  Some people eat Domino’s “pizza” or ranch dressing.  How is that evidence of increasing stupid?”  Let me clap back to the top of the page Trump part, and this…

It’s bad enough you can’t get some people to embrace newer science like global climate change.  Or some less new science like evolution (we’re only in the 3rd century of that study).  That’s pretty stupid.  But there’s a new growing group of people who are flat Earthers.  And while some are ironic, many are serious.  A round Earth is just a conspiracy theory, like man landing on the moon… which is round, maybe?

People were shocked when basketball player Kyrie Irving offered on a podcast that he’s a believer in a flat Earth.

While Irving admitted he was taught the earth is round, he believes it has caused much of humanity to be brainwashed. His argument points to the fact people are taught the earth is round from an early age without a chance to form their own opinion.

Yeah, the closing of the American mind, everybody.  Stop imposing your beliefs on us!

“This is not even a conspiracy theory,” Irving told Jefferson and Frye while recording the podcast on an airplane. “The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat. … It’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.”

And is the Earth the center of the universe?  Who can know?  Teach the controversy.

The stupid is growing.  More evidence?  One word: Kardashian/Jenner.

Okay one more thing:  The popularity of “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”  Really?  Okay, it’s not “LaLa Land” that was truly baffling like some crazed death cult eating poison Jello.  But “Ebbing” is truly nothing special at all, quite contrived with some very bad casting in smaller roles – would a police chief in a very small town in Missouri  have a much younger, mucy too pretty Australian wife?  Really?  Does the casting of Peter Dinklage as the town’s lovesick dwarf seem a little stunty to anybody else?  And I’m sorry but that’s a one note performance by Frances McDormand – who might just win an Oscar for it.  Really, her tone does not change throughout this film.  She even cries angrily.  Most actresses who can’t change their facial expressions can blame Botox.  Facial reconstruction chemistry is blameless here.

Normally I don’t put the misguided affection for a particular artistic endeavour in the category of stupid (“LaLa Land” not withstanding), but the awards season popularity of “Ebbing” is evidence of a seeming dumbing down of criticism.  Other people have addressed the racial issues or the problematic ending.  It feels like a redux of “Crash” maybe the worst film to ever win a Best Picture Oscar and to repeat that would be truly stupid.  “Ebbing” winning would be Iraq to “Crash’s” Vietnam.



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