The Crazy Has No End Either

In the early 1920s the Harding administration was upended by the Teapot Done scandal which involved Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall being in the pockets of the oil and mining industries (at that time even Republicans thought that was inappropriate) and selling them a piece of land in Wyoming.  That was one cabinet secretary, one department of the government, massive scandal.  Harding had the good taste to die in 1923 before he could be tossed out on his tin ear.

Our present president has a cabinet in which each executive is arguably the worst person that ever held that position (yes, even the Secretary of the Interior) just about every department of our government has been completely sold out to industry and interested parties.  The misuse of tax money to take flights and whatnot is the least of it and that would have brought down any of these people in previous administrations.

Scott Pruitt Cited the Bible to Defend Pro-Oil Industry EPA

Payday lenders have a powerful new defender in the CFPB They used to call what payday lenders do usury, it’s clearly unethical and should be illegal.  It sure shouldn’t be defended by an agency created to defend the public from it!!  It’s like calling Animal Control because a rabid dog bit you and they come out and put you down.

Honestly, How do you screw up the National Parks – Zinke is on the case by Charlie Pierce

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross falls asleep in cabinet meetings, but stays awake for Putin.

I’m too disgusted to go on.  I’m just going to lay here for awhile and catch my breath.





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