Academy Awards a Few Irresponsible Thoughts

1. They were not nominees for Best Picture but if you can see “I, Tonya” or “The Florida Project” do so. “Mudbound” too.

2. I liked all of the nominated films but my favorite was “Get Out”. Despite its best picture nomination people seem to think it will win best screenplay, but cannot be best picture because that’s for “bigger” films or something. Then why nominate it or “Lady Bird”?

3. Second of the nominated films would be “The Shape of Water”

4. I liked “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” when I saw it, with reservations. Those reservations have grown. If it wins, within a week it’ll be considered one of the most problematic wins of all time. Up there with “Crash”.

5. One of my reservations is that Frances McDormand’s much lauded performance is pretty one note. There are two young women in “The Florida Project” whose names nobody knows, they weren’t nominated (just Willem Defoe), but they were as good as anybody nominated this year. Six year old Brooklynn Prince and Bria Vinaite play mother and daughter and it feels like they’re improvising the entire time.  Amazing stuff.

6. Margot Robbie was great in “I, Tonya” another surprisingly great film. But Sally Hawkins was best actress this year.

7. Watched “Dunkirk” and “Darkest Hour” back to back because they both tell the same story from different angles. Liked both, nobody in the room loved either.

8. I didn’t see “The Post” but I feel like I did.

9. The difference of opinion on “Call Me by My Name” in my House was stark. I thought it was beautiful with a terrific feel of real life and a great James Ivory screenplay (it won!). Mrs. Polislice couldn’t get over Armie Hammer’s 24 year old character seducing a 17 year old character. Mostly because Armie Hammer looks 34. I just thought they were all beautiful. That’s my focus.

Post Oscars – They got it right on almost everything except Franes McDormand who strikes me as extremely odd and not in a charming way.  What she did with her speech was great.  How she did it, emitting some very odd laughter as if somebody slipped a piece of ice down her back, it was very odd.

I met her in the theater in that moment between the filming of her first film the Cohn Brothers “Blood Simple” (and she married one of them) and the release of the film that made her a name.  I liked her.  She was cool.  I saw her in a Clifford Odets play on Broadway and had a nice conversation with her afterwards.  Again, she was nice.  But she has never ever changed her look, her mannerisms – she’s pretty similar from film to film.  I like chameleons. Also, if I think about Frances McDormand there’s actually only one film I think of – Fargo.  I don’t think I could name another Frances McDormand film.

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