It’s bad enough that we haven’t allocated nearly enough money as a country to maintain our commonwealth at the federal state or local levels.  Even the most essential projects (like the Hudson River tunnels or the Portal Bridge) are turned into political hackysacks to kick around while all the great stuff built in the late 19th, early 20th centuries by smarter, wiser public servants degrade.

When new stuff is built so poorly that people die it’s a sign of the governmental apocalypse. Brand new, still working on it and boom!

We just have to be really, really grateful that our predecessors in infrastructure generally knew what they were doing, (so good we took their works for granted and kept putting off maintenance and replacement).  It’s one thing when we lament that the refrigerator we grew up with was the refrigerator we grew up with, lasting as much as 15-20 years! never needing replacement, and today even large consumer durable buys like a refrigerator or washing machine feel like they have about 5 good years and kablooey, need another trip to Best Buy.  Don’t even get me started about cars.

Infrastructure projects should give you 50 years without thinking about it except for a coat of paint every few years (and they put that off too).

Maybe it’s me but I can’t remember the last report of a new piece of hardware failing so catastrophically so quickly.  People will likely go to jail and hopefully the entire industry will sit up and take notice.

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