Is There a Trump Medical Mystery? Trump Org. “Raided” His Own Doctor’s Office

There is no bottom for these maniacs, they just keep digging down into the pile of weird and guilty and creating new lows.  But each new low also makes sense in its own way in the Trump universe. NBC is reporting that Trump’s former creepy and somewhat assaulty bodyguard Keith Schiller and other Trump organization shadowy figures “raided” the office of Dr. Bornstein, the original odd doctor who claimed Trump to be a miraculously healthy Rasputin.

They took Trump’s health files and even asked him to take a picture of him and Trump together off the wall.

If you’re thinking what the fuck?  I think you’re not alone.

In February 2017, a top White House aide who was Trump’s longtime personal bodyguard, along with the top lawyer at the Trump Organization and a third man, showed up at the office of Trump’s New York doctor without notice and took all the president’s medical records.

The incident, which Dr. Harold Bornstein described as a “raid,” took place two days after Bornstein told a newspaper that he had prescribed a hair growth medicine for the president for years.

If you’re thinking this maybe connects to Trump’s subsequent Dr. Feelgood, Dr. Ronny Jackson, you’re right.  Bornstein says there was a letter from Jackson given to him at the time of the raid.  But he doesn’t recall what was in it.  Okay.  No, I wouldn’t have made a copy of that either in all the violation, I’m sure.

So Bornstein leaked the classified information that he had proscribed Propecia for Trump. Trump goons raid his office and take his records.  At that point apparently Admiral Jackson becomes Trump’s personal physician, which he would have anyway… being the White House physician… but whatever.  We all know that Jackson too, like Bornstein, was made to issue a bizarre hostage video in which he claimed trump to have preternatural health.  Then Jackson is nominated to the VA and we find out Jackson has been a drug pusher to the WH elite and scumbag to everybody below him for a long time.  Don’t let the military haircut fool you, Jackson is every bit the freak that Bornstein is.  And he’s ruined now too.

Trump is the reverse Midas, it all turns to shit.

But what was in Trump’s records to be so jealously guarded that he just could not trust Bornstein with them anymore, he had to have his goon “raid” the doctor’s office?  Never mind the obvious question of who does that?  Trump does.

Can the Southern District of NY add this to the list of possible crimes committed before and after January 20, 2017?

What the fuck, indeed!!!

P.S. Sarah “Perfect Smoky Eye” Sanders said that the raid was standard procedure.  All presidents do it.  Of course.  It’s all so normal.  Go back to sleep.  So sleepy.

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