Continuing the Unmasking of the Crank Funders of Conservative Causes

Unlike Soros, who gives some money to causes he believes in supporting democracy at home and abroad, but is given way, way, way more credit/blame by conservative conspiracy mongers than warranted, there’s a legitimate cadre of conservative billionaires that really truly do fund much of the right wing/libertarian think tanks and astroturf lobbying firms in the wingnuttosphere.

It’s hard to believe now but 10 years ago very few people knew who the Koch Brothers were and how many political pies they had their fingers in.  Now thanks to Jane Meyer in the New Yorker, Alex Kotch in the Nation, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, and other reporters, almost everybody knows about the brothers and their influence on American politics.  The Ricketts, the Bradleys, Adelson, the Mercer’s, etc.  are all well known to people who pay attention to such things now.

The NY Times peals back the mask on another wealthy family trying to influence your life that you’ve probably not heard of.




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