In The Nation Today – FDR’s Second Bill of Rights and Sherrod Brown, Real Thing

I could do separate posts but I’m lazy and its Saturday and I want a grilled cheese sandwich.

Everyone should know FDR’s Second Bill of Rights. Should know it as a reality!! 75 years later economic freedom is still aspirational if not a fucking pipe dream.  The rhetoric coming from the newly elected Dems like AOC is not new, it’s at least 75 years old, but its time has come back around.

Seventy-five years ago today (Jan. 11th), President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used his State of the Union address to declare that the government should guarantee a basic floor of well-being. Political rights alone, he argued, could not assure “equality in the pursuit of happiness,” he argued. “True individual freedom cannot exist without security and independence. Necessitous men are not free men.”

A modern pol who would agree is Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.  Sherrod Brown is the real thing, a Democrat with integrity regarding the working class and the theft of their legacy by Wall Street.  Not that there aren’t others, Warren certainly is too. Brown/Warren or Warren/Brown would be outstanding, but likely too white for 2020.  He should get in the race.

Politicians like Sherrod Brown lose lots of times, maybe most of the time. But their virtue shines through muck and disappointment. The ambitious ones can pull the party along with them and persuade others to take larger risks.

I still think that there will not ultimately be as many Dems running as the media laughingly anticipates. Brown should be there. Julian Castro could easily be a VP nominee for a white person at the top of the ticket.

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