Smithsonian: 7 Future is Now Inventions Unveiled at CES 2019 (The Flying Cars are Almost Here) and Impossible Burgers 2.0

2019. The year the original “Blade Runner” was set in (with flying cars, thank you!). The annual Consumer Electronics Show 2019 unveiled gadgets that even Replicants would have been forced to say “really? we need that?”  Yes, android Rutger Hower, we need a suitcase that will follow you around without you holding it.

Okay, no.  But flying cars are almost here, and who will help us go to there?  Uber, of course.  And their partner… Bell Helicopter?  What?  That’s so 21st century, a time when a taxi company (disrupter!!) becomes a billion dollar empire.  It’s like finding out that McDonalds partnered with Raytheon in 1970 to create Happy Meals to send to Vietnam. In retrospect that would not be shocking at all.


See the amazing AI suitcase!

Experience the diabetes Breathalyzer!!

Wonder to the actual flying car! Finally!

Gasp at the commercial baking machine that can bake 10 loaves in an hour at your mall, maybe.  Or at the Costco?

Enjoy the future of mirrors where you can pluck nose hair, solve future crime and get  traffic and weather visually (not aurally from a stupid radio you 20th century idiot).

Look fabulous with the AI Skincare Assistant from South Korea. The people that brought you your refrigerator, probably.

And, okay, seriously get the Impossible Burger 2.0, which really is a great meat substitute, at your supermarket come next summer.  No snark on this one, I’ve had a few of these and if you want a healthier meat substitute this makes a pretty good burger.  Really, for me, if I didn’t know they weren’t beef, I wouldn’t know. Taste, texture, everything. Really cool.

And the flying cars, well, that would be cool, if people could drive terrestrially, but they can’t, they suck.  Oh never mind, by the time we get flying cars they’ll be robot driven and bake 10 loaves of bread in an hour too. And a facial.

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