Thank Goodness Trump Hasn’t Packed All The Courts… Yet. Fed. Court Rules Citizenship Census Question Illegal

A Federal court blocked adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census.  Adding a question to the census about citizenship is a terrible idea, if you want an accurate census, which is actually a constitutional mandate. Anything that would make the census less accurate is literally unconstitutional.

Wilbur Ross is a maroon who apparently is on board with the Bannon/Miller vision of immigration and racial purity.  The Mr. Magoo look alike, who sleeps through cabinet meetings, seems benign but he was on board with the white nationalist notional idea of  locating all of the “illegals” by asking about citizenship on the census, which would most likely in effect cause immigrants to not respond to the census out of fear.  The repercussions of that would be that immigrants, citizens or not, would be underrepresented in the census for all sorts of funding and planning purposes, and effectively under count brown people in the reapportionment of congressional districts to the benefit of Republicans.

Total population figures will be used to reapportion seats in the House of Representatives in 2021, so the contours of Congress, the Electoral College and thousands of state and local political districts could be affected. Because noncitizens tend to live in places that disproportionately vote Democratic, undercounting them in the census would be likely to shift federal spending and political power to Republican areas.


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