Now We All Know Who CardiB Is – Still Not a Good Thing

December 27, 2017 I wrote in a screed on my end of year pet peeves:

“I don’t know who CardiB is.  I just really figured out who Rihanna is in 2016 after I’d heard songs she recorded for years in commercials or on Glee (remember Glee?).  There are too many “pop stars” who are completely interchangeable and forgettable, a mix and match game of names, faces, skimpy outfits and very bad songs.  Is CardiB Nicki Minaj?  is Nicki Minaj Rihanna?  Would it matter if they merged corporeal bodies and ceased to be two individual persons (if they are in fact two individual persons)?  I know that Taylor Swift sings songs and dates lot of boys although I’ve never seen her actually do those things and have no interest in seeing either.  Why do I even know that?  And let’s not leave men out of this.  I don’t know who Drake is either…

…My country is already way too much a fascist corporate state since Citizen’s United and all of the many  baby steps our leaders in legislature and jurisprudence have taken to empower corporations and the super wealthy to have a disproportionate say in our supposed democracy.  This is not so much a pet peeve but a primal scream, I guess.

What does CardiB think about this?”

This week we found out what CardiB thinks about it on Instaface or whatever and this clip was played on every news show, and panels were asked for their opinions about it. Vox says she had some good points.

The country is a hellhole and “ANYWAYS TWERK VIDEO OUT NOW.”

All you need to know about America NOW.

“Now, I don’t want to hear y’all motherfuckers talking about oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days. Yeah, bitch, for health care,” she said. “So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check your pussy in the gynecologist with no motherfucking problem.”

P.S. Actually, that’s hilarious!  Bronx girls are having a heluva good week, all love to AOC. CardiB is damn cute and you have to respect a former stripper who is open about it and unapologetic about her showbiz beginnings. I’m still not interested in her music (strong instinct to put quotes around the word music there, but imma gonna be fair), but okay.

P.S.S. So whose name am I going to be forced to know next?

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