Stick it to an Autocrat – Watch Oscar Nominated “Edge of Democracy” on Netflix

The documentary by Brazilians about their country’s slide to autocracy is really amazing. Filmmaker Petra Costa had remarkable access to present and past leaders of the country as she documented Bolsonaro’s attacks on anything that represented democracy, including arresting previous presidents on corruption charges (Trump’s wet dream). Bolsonaro is the Brazilian Trump and so, of course, he and his surrogates are attacking the filmmaker (for whom Bolsonaro did interviews for the film) and the film (which he hasn’t seen).

From the Guardian: Bolsonaro government attacks Oscar nominee Petra Costa as ‘anti-Brazil activist

And there’s always a Trumpian connection too:

“I don’t usually waste time rebutting scumbags like Mrs Petra Costa but the level of her absurdities is criminal,” tweeted Eduardo Bolsonaro, the South American representative of Steve Bannon’s far-right group The Movement, alongside the hashtag #PetraCostaLiar.

It’s really worthwhile to see what a country with a fragile democratic tradition can descend to rather rapidly. And as we’re finding out, all democratic traditions are fragile democratic traditions.

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