The Return of the Hummer – It’s About That Girth Baby

Yes, everything is about sex. The Hummer always was a massively thick phallus of a car. The electric version of it is admitting that wielding a powerful electric device can also be satisfying.  They sell way more Hitachi Wands than they ever sold Hummers.

Vice explores the history of the worst Earth destroying SUV of them all.

Love this para about the psychological break down of the Hummer purchaser:

Rapaille, a French emigree, believed the SUV appealed—at the time to mostly upper-middle class suburbanites—to a fundamental subconscious animalistic state, our “reptilian desire for survival,” as relayed by Bradsher. (“We don’t believe what people say,” the website for Rapaille’s consulting firm declares. Instead, they use “a unique blend of biology, cultural anthropology and psychology to discover the hidden cultural forces that pre-organize the way people behave towards a product, service or concept”). Americans were afraid, Rapaille found through his exhaustive market research, and they were mostly afraid of crime even though crime was actually falling and at near-record lows. As Bradsher wrote, “People buy SUVs, he tells auto executives, because they are trying to look as menacing as possible to allay their fears of crime and other violence.” They, quite literally, bought SUVs to run over “gang members” with, Rapaille found.

Certainly the perfect car for the Trump era.  With it you can run over machete wielding MS13 members, run over the hordes of undocumented, run over Maxine Waters, crushing their bones beneath your wheels. And now with an electric engine you can hear the lamentations of their women.

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