I’m Invoking Pitmaster Privilege and Pushing some Elizabeth Warren On Ya

All I have to say about last night’s SOTU spectacle is that if you say any damn thing about ripping up speech pages when fucking Rush Limbaugh got a Medal of Freedom, then we have to step outside.

I’m a Warren supporter for the simple reason that I think she’d be a great president.  She’s right for the office, right for the moment. Period. Her speech on Monday night reminded me again why I love her. While media melted down and conspiratorial panic took over, as Buttigieg was singing a false note by claiming victory, Warren calmly thanked her staff, her dog and reiterated why we’re all here and where we’re going next, whatever happens. She looked, how you say, presidential?

  1. Post- Iowa Caucus Speech

2. She released a new ad that’s smart and uses the words of Barack Obama to remind people who she is and what she did.

3. But also, too, in addition, there’s a piece in the Nation by Joan Walsh that also states what I see and why I am still kinda sorta optimistic that she can persist. Linked here but I’m reprinting in full in case you don’t have a Nation subscription, it’s a good investment.

Elizabeth Warren Has a Movement. You Just Don’t See It Yet.

Nobody knows who won the Iowa caucuses—but Warren’s support was powered by the feminist spirit of 2018.




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