This 2020 Election is Terra Incognita, There’s No Map, Nobody Knows

This election is a year old even though primary voting just started. There were 25 candidates at one point and people were miserable, screaming about 25 CANDIDATES UGH!!!.  And now we’re down to a handful of legit candidates and people are still miserable I DON’T CARE WHO I JUST WANT TO WIN UGH!!! All of life is now like a Cathy cartoon.

From the beginning the absurd emphasis on electability and the panic about finding the one chosen candidate who can beat Trump was nuts.  Nuts but inevitable because, there is no end to the stupid.  And as stupid herd animals we cannot stop ourselves from illogically going over the cliff following the polls and the pundits and the neighbor who had a take that was so weird that you normally would have just ignored it, but this year – MAYBE IT MEANS SOMETHING.  UGH!!!

Do not impose your 1972, 1988, 2000 or 2016 takes on this election, they are not applicable.  There is no conceivable way 40 states vote for Trump if he’s running against a “socialist” as some have said.  The country is remarkably polarized and the part that is against Trump will vote for any Democratic nominee.  So panicking about electability may just be silly.  Note I say “may”.  I’m stupid too.

Think about this:

The two top vote getters so far are a Jewish man and a Gay man.  And the white knight spreading around money like it was water, because to him it is, is also a Jew.  For anybody over 40 this seems nuts, but they just want to win.  Under 40 they do not see it that way and they too just want to win.

Every one of the legit candidates left have issues with non-white people, especially the white knight.  But that white knight has the mayor of D.C. (black) as his campaign co-chair and on the day he was confronted with audio of racist comments from his not so distant past he added the endorsements from three members of the Black Congressional  Caucus (definitely black)!  Black people for the most part will not care that he led stop and frisk and was a terrible mayor of NY for non-white people. They just want to win.

Could a socialist win?  Yeah he could, because lots of Americans have been hurting for a long time and been ignored and thought that government was largely ineffective.  After three years of seeing that government can be wielded in harmful ways by a Trump, they may just imagine that it could also be used for good.  Lots of pundits likely do not know anybody who has not gone to the doctor because they couldn’t afford it.  But most Americans are someone like that or know someone like that. So the word socialism is not going to bother them if it means an effort to make healthcare more democratic and affordable.

Could a Gay man win?  Yeah, why not?  The religious right won’t vote for him, but they’re already on the Trump train.  The vast majority of the country has seen attitudes about gayness change entirely since 2008 when both candidates were against marriage equality.  Once again, it’s this belief that there’s a persuadable group of people who could vote for Trump or the Democrat, but only if its a certain Democrat whose beliefs are more Republican lite.  Guess what the Gay guy is as Republican lite as it gets in this election.  He is a progressive, but next to the socialist and the anti-corruption grandma in this election, he’s a sound, safe, cuddly college Republican from Indiana. The hard core socialists hate him, but they’ll largely vote for him too because they too want to win.

The biggest question is whether a woman can win.  Well, yes, if she’s a non-threatening Midwest woman who, again, is rather progressive, but is perfectly willing to spout Republican talking points in order to get elected.  She went to Yale, but nobody knows that.  She was a cop, and had issues with locking up innocent people of color, as we already explained black people do not care.  Yeah the socialist followers won’t like her but they’ll largely vote for her because they too just want to win. Unless she hits the same wall Warren did, eventually.

There’s that really smart, really energetic, former college professor, anti-corruption grandma woman who may or may not be a legit candidate at this point, but one can imagine scenarios where she could leap up again.  Why not?  Remember – Terra Incognita! She took a hit in the two white states, but white people are a terrible judge of character.  53% of white women voted for Trump and white men are a disaster.  Going into more diverse states means that her more substantive folksiness may get a fresh hearing.  What she has going against her is that smart former college professor thing.  Ask President Adlai Stevenson if the American people will elect a college professor?  The most bullshit part of The West Wing was that the fictional POTUS was a super smart polymath of a former college professor.  That’s not just fiction it’s fucking science SCI FI! Apparently grandma is threatening.  Men can’t imagine sleeping with her (she is 70) or working for her and women with less self-esteem probably just hate her because women hate other women, they just do.  So no, she can’t win.  The best candidate can’t win.  Okay, that’s probably true.

That leaves the white Jewish knight.  He has $50,000,000,000.  So really, he can win.  And in fact, his electability is so self-evident because of all that money that the other facts of his life, every other data point that would make him unelectable if he didn’t have that $50 Billion is completely ignorable.  Lots of people who may have hated the guy 6 months ago love him now, imagining all that money swamping Trump, beating him at his own game. The real billionaire trolling Trump 24/7 while using his wealth to blanket the country with anti-Trump propaganda.

We are definitely on foreign shores without a map or a guidepost or a trusty guide who won’t eat us when the sun goes down.  It’s the C-Span version of Naked and Afraid.  So find some potable water, figure out a crude shelter, with and hunker down for the next 9 months.  Dammit I lost the fire starter.  Fuck me!

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