Tens of millions to receive substance abuse help under Obamacare

Can we end the war on drugs tomorrow? Please? Stop spending billions on failed interventionist policies, decriminalize marijuana and tax it, treat addiction like a health problem, not a law enforcement problem. There are so many wins there in that sentence – win, win, win, etc. It’s literally insane that we can’t get over this national brain fart. So many lives in this and other countries can be saved and improved.

The Raw Story details one of Obamacare’s many positive but rarely publicized aspects when fully implemented in 2014:  better substance abuse help.

“This is probably the most profound change we’ve had in drug policy ever,” Michael Botticelli, deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, told the AP. “We know one of the most significant reasons for the treatment gap is folks who don’t have insurance or who have an inadequate coverage package for substance use disorders.”