Ukrainian Piano

Ukrainian Piano

Love this picture from the Ukrainian protests. The biggest street protests since the 2004 Orange Revolution. They do protest right in the Ukrain. No word on what the pianist was playing. Suspect it wasn’t boogie-woogie.

Update: Read somewhere he was playing Jon Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Whiskey Tooth Paste

Whiskey Tooth Paste

After a long day spent wearing your X-ray glasses that you mailed away for and getting a gander through women’s clothing, you could sit back, relax and give yourself a good stiff tooth brushing with what the postman brought you.

Just rinse with soda and ice, a twist of lemon if you prefer.

How did this not clean Colgate’s clock?

It might be the 6 proof. That’s less alcohol than your avg. mouth gargle has today. Hardly worth it.

Breakfast Idea?

Breakfast Idea?

It’s Saturday morning and you need pep and vigor! DONUTS!

From the National Archives – The Doughnut Corporation sought endorsement from the Nutrition Division of the War Food Administration for its Vitamin Doughnuts campaign.

Govt. Shut Down is 100% on GOP. Period

Govt. Shut Down is 100% on GOP. Period

Anybody trying to rationalize any other different conclusion is fundamentally intellectually irresponsible and dishonest.

So if Boehner now wants to go to conference, after Democrats had asked him to so and he had rejected it 18 times since last March, then fine, we’ll go to conference. AFTER he passes a clean continuing resolution to reopen the government for at least 6 weeks WITH a debt ceiling increase. And then we’ll see.

Good day sir, you lose! I said good day sir!

It’s Friday on my Panties

It's Friday on my Panties

It’s a beautiful cool, crisp early Fall Friday. God I love this weather. At 68 degrees I could walk around my urban hellhole all day long.

My football team starts its probably disappointing season this Sunday, but right now they’re 0-0.

Boardwalk Empire starts season 4 on Sunday night and I am all a tingle with finding out what trouble Nucky will get himself into this year (1924).

In short, all is right with the world and my undies are relatively clean. Huzzah!!

Lysol, for your fetid, germ-ridden cooch

Lysol, for your fetid, germ-ridden cooch

This works on two levels of mind blowing: 1. a great example of the kind of old timee advertising aimed at women that was blatant in its paternalism and exploitation of societal pressure to get a man and please a man (or face humiliation); 2. Lysol was advertised as a feminine hygiene product?!

Oh it’s worse. This is what they could advertise. What they didn’t advertise, but women knew, was the use of Lysol as birth control. As portrayed on the great “Boardwalk Empire”, women used it as a post-coital douche for it’s believed spermicidal qualities (did they think sperm were germs?). Was it effective? Nope. It was as dangerous as you’d think.

Note: Thanks to Polislice follower Don for sending!