The white South’s last defeat

The white South’s last defeat

Fascinating analysis of the identity crisis of white Southerners based on historical ethnic make-up. 

As difficult as it may be, outsiders should try to imagine the world as viewed by conservative white Southerners, who think they are the real Americans — that is, old-stock British-Americans — and the adherents of the true religion, evangelical Protestantism. In this perspective, the rest of the country was taken over by invading hordes of Germans, Irish and other European tribes in the first half of the 19th century, leaving the South, largely unaffected by European immigration, as the last besieged pocket of old-stock British-Americans, sharing parts of their territory with subjugated and segregated African-Americans.

Germany Way Ahead of US in Renewable Use

Germany Way Ahead of US in Renewable Use

In 2000 Germany and U.S. used virtually the same percentage of energy from renewable sources. But by 2040 when we’re projected to be using 16%, Germany will be at 65% renewable sources. That is amazing. And we can do it too.

Literally, the word Energiewende means “energy turn,” and it describes the country’s bold plan to shift from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

According to The Economist, the Energiewende was “dreamed up in the 1980s, became policy in 2000 and sped up after the Fukushima disaster in March 2011.”

Hm, in the 80s Germany was planning the future. In the 80s Reagan was dismantling the Carter energy policy which was a plan for the future. For that alone, Carter was underrrated and (trying to be nice here) Reagan a long term disaster for the country.

Got the Blues? Eat More Kale – Mother Jones

Got the Blues? Eat More Kale – Mother Jones

Nom, nom, nom. Love those sweet potato fries.

A new study (abstract) from Harvard researchers found a strong association between adults’ levels of optimism and the amount of carotenoid antioxidants in their blood. Carotenoids are found in richly colored green and orange vegetables, including kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, and collard greens. The more servings of carotenoid-containing vegetables you eat, the results suggest, the brighter your outlook.

A Blackout-Proof, Solar-Powered Smart Grid Please

A Blackout-Proof, Solar-Powered Smart Grid Please

Living where I live, where we wandered a post-apocalyptic landscape without “the juice” for 7 days because of Superstorm Sandy, a blackout-proof, solar-powered smart grid sounds mighty friggin’ nice. The fact that the power lines are not buried, despite two straight years of losing power for significant periods of time, and there are no plans to do so is some fucked up shit. 

Question:  Why isn’t every new house and commercial facility in the country in the futuristic year of 2013 being built with solar panels on it?

I blame Reagan. Jimmy Carter placed solar panels on the WH in 1976 and one of Reagan’s first actions was to have them removed. Sounds like a dick move in and of itself, but the bigger picture is this: where would we be as a country if Reagan hadn’t shit on a legitimate 20th century energy policy in favor of a Saudi favored 19th century one.