Places for Progressives to Go Post Bernie

So many very motivated young people have come to politics this year through the Sanders campaign, which is wonderful.  I hope, hope, hope that when (if) the nomination battle goes against him that these energized and aware people put their energies into the many campaigns around the country for progressives (and Democrats) that can make a real difference.

Obviously, it would be great if the Democrats can get back control of the Senate, whatever one thinks of the establishment party. There was always a good chance of this, but with Trump or Cruz leading the ticket the chances are fucking great.  This is worth rallying and phone banking for.  There are some very good people running who can join Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Merkley in pushing the Senate leftward.  Bringing back Russ Feingold alone would be a mitzvah!

Tammy Duckworth – IL
Maggie Hassan – NH
Russ Feingold – WI
Patrick Murphy – FL
Ted Strickland – OH
Ann Kirkpatrick – AZ
Any of the 3 people running for the nomination in PA
On Tuesday we’ll know if Donna Edwards will be the senate candidate from MD to hold Barbara Mikulski’s seat.  Edwards would be awesome!  But her establishment opponent, Chris van Hollen, is still a good guy.

“Considering the rise of Donald Trump, the polarization in U.S. politics, and a higher rate of straight-ticket voting, this could be bad news for the GOP,” a team of analysts at the UVA Center for Politics wrote earlier this month when they moved Senate races in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania in the Democrats’ direction.

In the House there are many great candidates around the country, but the one any Bernie fan should be working overtime for is Zephyr Teachout, the super progressive law professor (like Liz Warren) who ran to keep Andrew Cuomo honest in his last governor’s race.  She’s running in the NY 19th district (Hudson Valley) against a lame Republican who is too conservative for that district by a lot.  The district voted for Obama over Mitt by 6 points and voted for Teachout over Cuomo in the 2014 primary by 17!  Give her some love here:


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