My issue with a Trump v. Sanders debate

Like all the Kool Kids I doubt this will happen.  But my problem with it isn’t like most Dems. who fear its unprecedented nature and the possibility of it turning into a Hillary Demolition Derby like Josh Marshall.

My problem is that it will expose Trump’s glaring weaknesses and inability to debate facts way too early, giving him time to attempt a retool before the main event with Hillary.

Let that first debate with her go so horribly wrong that he cancels the rest of them. Or even better goes ahead with them out of arrogance and sinks further and further into a LaBrea Tar Pits of his own making.

Trump has nothing without skin deep generalizations, sophomoric character slurs and delusional assertions of his own grandeur.  The only thing Democrats have to fear is the failure to expose him.

It may seem counter intuitive but all facts point to, by and large, disengagement by the public with this election until after the conventions.  Every cycle goes through this.  A small group of people, that are, by the way, over represented by Republicans, are very engaged, have been for a while.  The vast majority of the country won’t care until after the conventions, most until after the debates.  At this point in 2008 and 2012 presidents McCain and Romney were statistical possibilities but by the end of the conventions those contests were over and the debates sealed the deal.


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