With Trump it’s All About the Grift

The Mystery of Nicole Mincey, Trump fan, merchandise saleswoman, Twitter bot.

Over the weekend Trump retweeted a positive comment from this young black woman Trump supporter.  By Sunday night:

Nicole’s twitter account and all her pro-Trump ‘friend’ bot accounts I’d identified had been suspended by Twitter. (So a lot of things I described above I can’t show you since they’re offline.) There was also a woman in New Jersey by the name of Nicole Mincey who allegedly filed a police report alleging her identity had been stolen to create the “Nicole Mincey” persona. The merch store “Nicole” had founded, proTrump45.com, was and is still online but she’d disappeared from the site to be replaced by a new dark complected young woman modeling pro-Trump shirts.

Trump said last week “there were no Russians in the campaign.”  Next he’ll say there were no robots in the campaign.  I don’t know any Macedonian robots, do you?


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