Have They Seen His Crappy Buildings?

Report in the WaPo says Mexicans are not impressed with Trump’s wall prototypes.

“People are still going to cross no matter what is there,” said Kevin Ávila Rodríguez, 17, who recycles trash and lives near the spot where the border wall prototypes are being built. “This won’t change things much.”…

Most of the Mexican reaction to these prototypes ranges from offended to blasé. Residents of Tijuana and other border cities have lived with various types of American barriers for years, and they are used to them. The existing fence here, built in the mid-1990s, is roughly 10 feet tall and made out of metal sheets from helicopter landing pads left over from the Vietnam War. A second layer of more-modern steel-mesh fence, 14 to 18 feet tall, stands behind that.

You mean the wall won’t work to stop the opioid crisis?  That sounds glib, but Trump continues to conflate opioids with drugs coming across the border.  He doesn’t understand basic facts.  He actually thinks the border wall will keep oxy out of West Virginia.

His rhetoric often shows that he’s completely disconnected from the reality of what his words actually mean.  He keeps invoking “the swamp” as a rhetorical weapon, but he’s been an ardent advocate for the actual real swamp, adding acres and acres of system deranging corruption to D.C.

Just yesterday he gave a speech to Heritage:

Speaking to the crowd gathered at the Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club meeting, Trump apologized to the “lobbyists” in the crowd who may lose their jobs because of his efforts to “put more Americans back to work and more lobbyists out of work” by repealing the Environmental Protection Agency’s “so called Clean Power Plan.”

“(We) have ended finally the war on clean, beautiful coal. People are going back to work,” he said. “Over the last nine months we have removed job-killing regulations at a record pace. In fact, in nine months, we have done more, they say, than any President in history.”

Besides all of the other mind numbing nonsense there, his assertion that he’s putting lobbyists out of work by fulfilling their fondest wishes of handing regulatory agencies to them is enough to make you want to move to West Virginia and divert some of that oxy yourself.

The people in that audience have to know that what he’s saying is completely removed from reality.  They may be applauding the sentiment because, yeah, they’re the ones who’ve been working for decades to hobble the EPA, open up national parks to mining, loosen regulations on everything that can make their clients money even if it kills people. But none of these ethically challenged moral reprobates would call coal “beautiful.”  They understand that him handing them a victory is not good government, it’s at the COST of good government.

They may giggle to each other for a bit like the Enron energy traders back in 2000 that cynically shut down power plants in California in order to create more energy demand and increase energy prices.  From taped telephone calls between Enron employees:

ENRON EMPLOYEE 1: So the rumor is true? They’re f—-ing taking all the money back from you guys? All that money you guys stole from those poor grandmothers in California?

ENRON EMPLOYEE 2: Yeah, Grandma Millie, man. So she’s the one who couldn’t figure out how to f—-ing vote on the butterfly ballot, but yeah, now she wants her f—-ing money back for all the power you’ve charged right up her —- jammed right up her a—- for f—-ing $250 a megawatt hour. Yeah, you know. You know Grandma Millie. She’s the one that Al Gore is fighting for.

So Heritage, how’d all that work out for Enron?  Going along with schemes that got you what you wanted, economically and ideologically even though they were immoral, unethical?  There’s big profit, until there isn’t and then there’s humiliation and jail.


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