Captain Chaos Keeps the Crap Line Moving – Tillerson Out, Pompeo Up Next, Torture Lady to Run CIA

Our new CIA Director, Gina Haspel, was blocked from running a small part of the CIA in 2013 by Dianne Feinstein because Haspel oversaw torture in 2002.  Now she runs the whole shebang.*  That’s morally failing upward in the age of Trump.

  1. Continuing the tradition of the worst people running things.  The awful Pompeo moves over to take over for the Russian Medal of Friendship holder and the execrable Ms. Haspel takes over CIA.
  2. Tillerson is the most relieved person in America today. His mighty exhale could be the cause of the Nor’easter. But Rex, monitor yourself for PTSD.
  3. If there’s a loser here, besides America which is on a bad losing streak since November 6, 2016, there’s Putin.  He loses his bestie at State.
  4. Besides being the Chaos President, Trump once agains exhibits an exceptionally cowardly style of firing people by proxy, not in their presence. Apparently the only time he ever fired anybody to their face was on TV.

*Unless Senators spine up and vote no to confirmation. It may be close due to John McCain and Rand Paul who may vote against each.

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