The Semi-Annual Fire, Emergency and Active Shooter Talk

Got the talk the other day. I work in a high rise building in the city, so every 6 months or so the security people who administer the building’s emergency services plans come to the floor and we have the talk.

This time they added something new: what to do if there’s an active shooter. The guy was totally apologetic that he even had to do it – it’s both incredibly unlikely to happen and really difficult to talk about. ‘Cause let’s face it, if it happens on my floor, it’s probably someone standing right here right now getting the talk who’s going to do it.

I’ve been wondering about whether it’s legal in the hiring process to ask people if they own guns? I know the NRA would like to make it illegal, but it probably isn’t. I’d like to know if the people I work with have arsenals at home. I imagine we’ll see it happen.  Some employer will start asking because maybe their liability insurance carrier will ask them to do so. A prospective employee with guns will get offended and presto (give or take 2-5 years of litigation) – Supreme Court!

The liability insurance angle is a good one.  Get the insurance companies to battle the NRA by making liability insurance a necessity for owning a gun. The more guns, the more premiums, the more hurdles you have to jump to satisfy your carrier. Then you have the battle of the lobbyists. I’m betting on big insurance in that one.

 Robert Cyran and Reynolds Holding write that mandatory liability insurance is a measure that could pass Supreme Court muster where other restrictions might fail: “[T]here’s a strong argument that damage caused by firearms gives the government a ‘compelling interest’ to require insurance, the test for infringing a constitutional right.”

Until then, we should fight the good fight on assault weapons and their irresponsible manufacturers2015-12-09-1449676341-1581662-mission-thumbNot sure this ad is appropriate if your mission is to shoot a deer.

The only reason for the rifles used in San Bernardino is killing people, and that they did spectacularly well.





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