It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory

It’s just quite obvious that you can be a Republican media mogul and be very canny about what would be best for you and your ratings. Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Matt Drudge, et al. have been demonizing Hillary Clinton since the mid-90s. They know very well that there’s nothing better for their ratings, page views, etc. than having a demon in the White House to rail against.

Not just a demon, but a time tested demon harpy that represents the continued degradation of the country, the continued theft of the American way (from the true (read: white male) Americans) which a Hillary presidency would represent in pink pants suited lady spades.

Rush/Drudge/Hannity: “Make no mistake loyal readers/listeners this country is being destroyed by lies, degeneracy and political correctness, so keep watching/listening/reading and send me as much money as you can jam into an envelope so we can fight this scourge together.”

So if you’re a canny right wing media mogul whose following is cuckoo  for cocoa puffs, why wouldn’t you push Donald Trump as a Republican white knight? None of these idiots running for the nomination is going to beat Hillary, but Trump will at least put on a good show as he flames out.  And a big flame out is awesome for their prospects for the next 4-8 years. Yes, defending the great American way that hasn’t actually existed since the 1950s is big business, and business will be a boomin’ under a Hillary Clinton Feminazi Dictatorship!

So with all due respect to the great Michael Tomasky (Why is Matt Drudge Boosting Donald Trump?), it doesn’t surprise or puzzle me at all.



One thought on “It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory

  1. Spot on. Striking how people take this shills seriously as political thinkers. It is show biz baby

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