Old Fashioned Plutocrat Trump Completes GOP’s Time Travel Adventure


Just swap the mutton chop sideburns and out of control facial hair for Trump’s patented out of control orange thatch and he’s literally representing a party from the 1800’s. And it’s not just the emphasis on racism, xenophobia and America First. Trump has set himself on a course to motivate every angry white person who wants to turn back modernity to vote to Cexit 21 as in Exit the 21st Century.

But it’s not as if any of this is his idea and he brought it to them. He’s just the perfect candidate for, and the product of, a party that has degenerated for 40 years down to the level of the lowest common right wing radio conspiracy theory denominator.  Unlike even a Romney or McCain, Trump embraces nearly all of the revanchism that represents the core party.  A look at the GOP platform is like looking back in time to a party platform from the know-nothings of the 1830s.

As Talking Points Memo notes, the real architect of all of this is Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State who was the author of Arizona’s “papers please” law.

This was not Kobach’s first time serving on the platform committee. He was a member in 2012 — where he harshened the platform’s immigration language that the Mitt Romney campaign had tried to soften — as well as in 2008.

But Trump-mentum and Kobach’s brand of hard-right, anti-immigrant conservatism were a match made in heaven. The legal wunderkind-turned-state bureaucrat has long advocated for anti-immigrant legislation — including Arizona’s infamous “show us your papers” law — as well as for restrictive voting laws.

Now, with Trump at the top of the ticket, that attitude is reflected in the party platform, which presidential campaigns in the past have attempted to tone down. The platform also stakes out conservative positions in a number of other areas that are less of a focus for Trump, but Kobach expressed confidence that Trump is on board.

What’s in the hard right platform besides Trump’s famous wall to be paid for by Mexico, implicit America First language and complete bans on abortion for any reason whatsoever?

A plank that says online porn is a “public health crisis.”  Not guns.  Porn.

A plank demanding that lawmakers use religion in composing laws.

stipulating “that man-made law must be consistent with God-given, natural rights.”

It encourages Bible instruction in public schools.  Encourages it because you need the Bible to have an educated citizenry.  [Note: much of the literacy movement of the first half of the 19th century was so that people could read the Bible.  And given the paucity of books available to the poor, that was the one book most homes had. It’s literally 1830 in here!]

Planks showing disapproval of homosexuality, gay marriage and transgender rights. They approve of state laws that limit rest room choices and “conversion therapy.”

“Has a dead horse been beaten enough yet?” asked Annie Dickerson, a committee member from New York, who chastised her colleagues for writing language offensive to gays into the platform “again and again and again.”

Yet it was the lack of much interference by Mr. Trump or his aides that seemed to set the tone for the platform’s direction. That allowed conservative activists like Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, to exert greater influence. Mr. Perkins’s hand could be seen in dozens of amendments on issues like gun control, religious expression and bathroom use.

A plank calling for all federal lands to be returned to the states.  That includes our national parks.

And let’s not forget maybe the craziest zig in the dance of crazy that is the GOP Platform of 1832 2016.  Coal is a vegetable.  No, actually coal is clean energy.

After Texas delegate David Barton proposed the addition of the word “clean” to the platform’s description of coal, the committee voted to officially call coal “an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource.”

So again, porn is a public health crisis, coal is the clean energy source of the future, only men and women should marry and procreate and law should be based on religion.

Maybe I’ve given them too much credit.  Maybe it’s the platform from the 1730s!


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