Least Qualified President Names Least Qualified Cabinet and Forget About Vetting or Ethics

Not even talking about actual qualifications now, which are dodgy all up and down the line. There’s a process to vet nominees for federal offices and it’s especially important when the nominees have never been vetted before.  Most of the time nominees have been vetted previously, for elected office, or cabinet positions, or federal offices. They’ve had to go through FBI background checks, release tax returns, answer numerous questions.

Predictably, for the un-President who never released his taxes, his notminees, who almost to a person have never been vetted before (other than the Generals, Sessions is the only one previously nominated for a federal job and he was rejected!) are being rushed through without hitting the usual mile markers. No background checks completed, taxes not released, GOP okay with all of it and aiding and abetting Trump by trying to rush many of the hearings through on one day!

Lets repeat that. Normally each of these candidates for high cabinet offices would have multiple day hearings. Mitch McConnell, ultimate shortsighted political hack that he is, pushing his luck, has scheduled six separate committee hearings for the same day.

Its an attempt to flood the zone, overwhelm the media’s ability to cover it all (including C-SPAN), and make the vetting of Trump’s Suicide Squad Cabinet into the ultimate Friday night news dump.

At the same time the Trumpkins have also lost contact with the Government Ethics Office. Again, they just stopped returning phone calls to the government agency tasked with watchdogging ethics issues and conflicts of interest.

It’s  all a not so slow motion train wreck for the formerly democratic republic known as the United States of America. You can always count on the GOP to overreach, push their luck, overplay their hand and shoot themselves in the foot. They simply cannot handle actual governance responsibly.

But like with the asterisk laden, Russian, Comey, fake news, propaganda hacking the electorate election, it’s up to the media (God help us!) and the Rational Reality Based Commnity to keep the pressure on the politicians and keep one foot in the real world as the GOP is shooting the other one.

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