Litmus Test: Ask Your Republican Friend if Deporting Law Abiding DACA Recipients is Okay With Them

22 year old DACA recipient Danielle Vargas, who was brought tho this country from Argentina at the age of 7, has been detained and will be deported without hearing.

From Huffington Post.

She’s not in a gang.  She has no criminal record.  She was an outspoken defender of people like herself, so I guess that’s what offended the guys with guns and badges.

So does your Republican friend think this is okay?  Are they not outraged by this?  Daniella is not who Trump is talking about in every speech when he talks about “bad hombres.”

Vargas has filed for and received DACA two times in the last four years, Peterson said, and has previously met all of the legal requirements.

“Daniela is not a criminal alien,” she said. “She is an individual that has received DACA twice. All of the background checks for her have been done. Nothing has been found in her record because there’s nothing to be found in her record…She’s maintained employment and filed her taxes. The fact that they’re going after her now is disheartening.”

Yes, it’s disheartening.  If you have a heart.  Which I suspect anybody who self-identifies as Republican in 2017 does not.

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