And So It Begins – Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos Indicted

For context, Gallup daily tracking poll has Trump at 33% approval.  So look for Fox News and the right wing echo chamber to continue last week’s crazy Impeach President Clinton spin at ever increasing rates of desperation.

I remember back in the day waiting for Fitzmas, or when we expected U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to indict members of the Bush administration in their effort to reveal the identity of a CIA operative.  We were hoping for Cheney to be indicted but all we got for Fitzmas was Scooter Libby.  That was a lump of coal.

I expect no coal this time.  Manafort’s issues with getting illegal payments from pro-Putin Ukrainian pols is low hanging fruit.  Trumpers have already denied they even know who Manafort is.  He may have hung around the campaign a bit, changed the toner in the printer, maybe.  But we already know he was the chairman of the campaign with pro-Putin connections and how did he get to be chairman of the campaign?  He came to Trump and volunteered to help his campaign.  Why?

Papadoupoulos is already cooperating with Mueller.  He met with Russians and lied to the FBI about it.

This is just the first level of attack for Mueller.  The question for me is whether he already has ducks in a row on this and more indictments are in the near term pipeline.

In the meantime, gaze in wonder how Joy Reid handled a GOP spinner on the trumped up Uranum One non-story.  It’s a shame that mere recitation of facts constitutes a masterful takedown of bullshit these days. Maybe if journalists did more of it, maybe.



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