New Budget Deal Looks Pretty Good – But…

The games over immigration will not stop.  The budget increases domestic spending on some good programs including spending on CHIP for 10 years and updating the Veterans Administration. It’s a worthy deal, but while McConnell has promised a vote in the Senate over DACA (and people believe him), Paul Ryan is holding to the Hastert Rule, a bullshit partisan procedure in which no bill will be brought up for a vote in the House unless there’s a majority of support by Republicans.  So Republicans can vote things down or just not bring them up even if they would pass, which is unprecedented in legislative history.  Ryan has to stop this ridiculous fealty to his anti-immigration cro-magnon base.

Pelosi is threatening to withhold Democratic votes for the budget in the House if Ryan doesn’t promise a vote. Which now turns the blame for a shut down on Pelosi. Yesterday Trump said “Let’s have a shutdown” but it’ll all be blamed on Pelosi no matter how intransigent Ryan is.


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