About Time – California to Make Solar Panels Mandatory on New Homes

Solar panels SHOULD be on every new home built everywhere and on every office building, every shopping center, etc.  I would have done this years ago if the universe had listened to me and put me in charge.  There is no reason not to do this before,  certainly no reason not to do this now.  The costs involved are negligible at this point, but the benefits are tremendous.  It’s as if when electricity for home use as developed by Edison and Tesla was a proven technology being utilized in a growing number of applications every year, but new houses were still being built with gas lamps.

The California Energy Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday, May 9, on new energy standards mandating most new homes have solar panels starting in 2020.

If approved as expected, solar installations on new homes will skyrocket.

About feckin’ time.


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