The Question Has Always Been: Can Trump Crawl to Finish Line of 4 Full Years?

While some were arguing in vain about his (possible) re-nomination and (impossible) re-election – the real question was always when the wheels would completely come off.  To be sure, they were always operating on 3 rickety wheels and with no real understanding of how to operate the machine, but their criminality going back to the election, besides their greed after, was always going to end this mishegas early.  The best you could say for all of it was that every day with Trump in office is a day less of a Pence administration.

The nomination of Bill Barr was very modestly intended to get Trump through to January 2020 by doing whatever he reasonably (very broad use of that word) could do to protect Trump from Mueller.  But the collusion and obstruction cases are gathering public steam too fast to make it to 2020.  And again, Mueller has it ALLLLLL.

Barr’s nomination is a moot point already.  He will not be able to do any damn thing to protect Trump.

Saddest of all is the GOP Senate may very well continue to protect him and stonewall his removal, believing that they are electorally invulnerable in 2020 and 2022.  That’s the only firewall to get him, or Pence, limping into 2020 still in the WH.  But that firewall would doom their control of the Senate.  Like every tragic character felled by overconfidence, they never see that their invulnerability is overrated until its too late. We’ve always been able to count on Republican arrogance leading them to shooting their damn feet off, eventually.  This group of political morons is several generations more deluded by the Fox News base than the group of statesmen (read: realists) that forced Nixon out.

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