A Reset is When Trump Reads Lies Calmly From a teleprompter

The Trumpster gave an economic speech, thereby showing how serious he is.  Expect some serious (and seriously hilarious) coverage of this actually not very serious speech because the bar is so low, all he has to do is not spew personal insults at anybody, to make a “serious” speech.

He cited a bunch of standard GOP economic proposals and items from the Chamber of Commerce wishlist that have already failed or been debunked, with a side of Bernie approved anti-trade language that makes his economic “program” as fittingly contradictory as the guy who manufactures all of his products overseas bringing back jobs.

One of Trump’s many issues (many, many issues) is that even when he’s not showing his thin skinned temperament that makes him ridiculous, he still betrays a misunderstanding of basic economic facts that shows that he gets his simplistic ideas from talk radio, no matter how many hedge fund billionaires he lists as advisors.

In one false line of attack on Clinton, Trump claimed the former secretary of state has proposed “one of the biggest ever” tax increases, which he said would target middle-class Americans. A video sent out by the campaign last week, which relies on anincorrect transcript, misleadingly claimed Clinton said at a campaign event, “We are going to raise taxes on the middle class,” when she actually said “aren’t.” Her campaign has disputed any remarks about raising taxes on the middle class.

Tearing another page out of the playbook of Republican orthodoxy, Trump promised he would repeal “disastrous Obamacare, saving another 2 million American jobs.” However, the notion that the Affordable Care Act “killed” 2 million jobs, which is based on a bungled interpretation of a Congressional Budget Office report, has beenthoroughly debunked.

His tax code proposals involve getting rid of the estate tax, hm, who would that help? And to further compress progressive tax brackets to just 3 from the current 7.  For the record, in 1960 there were 24 brackets!  Trump would take tax brackets, like most things, in the wrong direction.

Hillary will deliver an economic speech, also in Detroit (coincidence?) later in the week. Look for that to be a little more detailed and skewer Trump’s “serious” nonsense.




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