Trump Mexican Follies

There’s two weeks of what might or might not be a “softening” on his immigration stance, which would pose a thorny problem for him because it’s his CORE issue that his white base love him for. On day 1 he came down an escalator, insulted Mexicans and said he’d build a wall and Mexico would pay for it. It’s been his big applause line ever since. So while every poll (of Republicans, no less the general public) says a softening is important to Trump to even make a half-hearted effort to actually do better in the polls and win the election, any such softening  could make Ann Coulter and her ilk unleash the white hot irrational, sputtering hate that no one can do like the crazed and betrayed Alt Right can. These are the potential subscribers for the new Trump media outlet that will be announced on November 9th so God knows he can’t piss them off.

Walking rhetorical tight ropes is not his forte.  Burning down the circus and driving a tank through the smoldering ruins is so Trump.

So Trump goes to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Peña Nieto, for whatever reason anybody can guess, but it sure grabs the media’s attention for the day and the hacks can’t help but give him credit for looking presidential because he didn’t throw up or get into a fist fight. So-called “campaign manager” KellyAnne Conway, political waif, living on hope and very few calories by the look of her must have glowed for a few hours thinking she pulled off a coup.

Then, that same night Trump gave the same unhinged hate speech he’s given 100 times since the escalator.  He yelled reddish-orange faced about deportation squads and rounding up 2 million criminal illegal aliens within the first hour of his presidency.  It was so nutsy cuckoo that Ann Coulter called it the most magnificent speech she’d ever heard. Hugh Hewitt and Bill Crystal  called it a win, and when Bill Crystal calls anything anything it is the opposite, take that to the bank!

But while the forces of hate loved the speech, they’re already in the Trump camp. The moderate and conservative Latinos who wanted to think Trump was softening had to admit he was just the racist ass we all thought he was. One of the members of his Latino Advisory Board resigned after the speech.

“I was a strong supporter of Donald Trump when I believed he was going to address the immigration problem realistically and compassionately,” he told Politico. “What I heard today was not realistic and not compassionate.”

Whatever he might have gained during the day he certainly gave back like projectile vomiting last night.

The low point was parading the family members of people who had been murdered by undocumented immigrants. This is a completely right wing media created phenomenon where they who love guns and excuse every murder by police, use the tragedies of anyone killed by an undocumented immigrant as a cudgel against immigration period.

It was almost funny, in the midst of the tragedy, when one of the parents testifying said their child had been murdered by a Russian who overstayed his visa.  You could feel the room not know what to do with that information as if they were thinking “but he was white, I don’t care about white murderers.” It was awkward and Trump shuffled her off to introduce the next broken hearted person who had the right story to tell.

Oh yeah, by the way, in his speech Trump said “maybe they can deport Hillary.”

67 days until this is all over.

Update:  Colbert asks if the terrifying bad man is gone now. He had to change his pants after the Trump speech because he was “Code Brown.”

colbert giphy

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