Comey Fucked Up

He did.  He just blew it.  He could not have imagined that the flaming bag of dog crap he left on America’s doorstep would have been considered so indefensible that people like rabid right wing attack dogs like Joe Walsh and Jeannine Pirro would think it was a bad move.  Even the defenses I’ve heard are not defenses of the letter so much as defenses of him violating the Hatch Act. “Oh the letter was a disaster, but he didn’t violate the Hatch Act.  I mean, you can’t prove he had any ‘intent’ to effect the election, just by throwing one of the candidates under the bus with 11 days to go.  No intent there.” Yipes!

I have to wonder if he wasn’t leveraged by someone like Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) into doing it. The FBI has been leaking like a sieve.  Could a Clinton hating agent* have leaked the knowledge of the Weiner laptop to Chaffetz, leading him to drop Comey a note.  Hell, just the knowledge that it would almost certainly have leaked could have pushed Comey forward. It’s all a systemic institutional fail!

So the FBI is unreliable and insecure.

The FBI director violates justice department guidelines.

Senate Republicans vow to stop all Democratic Supreme Court nominees.

Congressional Republicans vow to investigate a Democratic president till she resigns or they can impeach her.

The RNC, even under a consent decree not to use poll watchers, uses poll watchers.

The Republican nominee hints he may not accept the results of the election.

There are no respected norms anymore by the Republicans.  Period.  They’ve decided the rules don’t matter.  Tradition doesn’t matter.  Norms don’t matter.  This is what we’re up against.

Hit a ground ball, run to first base and smack the first baseman in the head with the bat. If he can’t hold onto the throw because you bashed his head in, you’re safe.  That’s future Republican baseball.

* Indeed half of the books written about the Clintons have been from former FBI and Secret Service Agents who have all kinds of salacious horror stories** that, by the way, can never be corroborated, but they’ll be invited onto Newsmax and Fox News as Clinton “truth” specialists forever.

** Hillary Clinton is an Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke ravaged invalid and a vicious lesbianic satanic murderer that eats babies.


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