Trump Signs Anti-Planned Parenthood Law. Where’s Ivanka?

She’s nowhere because she’s a horrible person who has done nothing to earn anybody’s faith that she or her husband are a good influence.  Dahlia Lithwick takes them apart.

Of course, the first daughter would not offer a single instance in which she disagreed with her father with total candor. It seems that, as is the case with all of her qualifications as America’s Crazy Whisperer, her heroism lies in disagreeing with Donald Trump in secret. And this is a subject on which we are expected to just, well, trust her based on her assertions of goodness. Is there some official position paper or stock portfolio on human goodness we might use as a point of reference?

And next day Trump signs this new law threatening PP funding.  Where’s the Crazy Whisperer?

Mr. Trump has shown ambivalence about Planned Parenthood, voicing support for its health-related services other than abortion, and his daughter Ivanka has urged him to tread carefully on the issue, concerned about the possible political repercussions of the Republican effort to defund the organization altogether. As a middle ground, Mr. Trump has proposed preserving federal funding for Planned Parenthood if it stops providing abortion services.

Oh yeah sure, if it stopped providing abortions, they could have all the money they want, they could even set up a clinic in Mar-a-Lago!  This fantasy that Planned Parenthood could, and should, just stop doing abortions is out there.  Or, as my Congressman proposed – they should split into two organizations, one that provides women’s healthcare and the other does all the icky evil stuff.

Because, as we all know, abortion is not women’s healthcare, it’s murder and they should stop doing that.  It’s their intransigence on that point that is costing women their mammograms and pap smears.

It’s on your heads ladies if you can’t get healthcare.







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