2018 – The War on Sanity Will Continue


“The way I look at it is, in ’18 we’re going to have to get more people elected. We have to go out and we have to get more people elected that are Republican. And we have to probably pull in those people, those few people that voted against it. I don’t know. They’re going to have to explain why they did and I’m sure they have very fine reasons, but we have to get more Republicans elected because we have to get it done,” he said.

I know it’s fashionable to give Trump and his minions more respect than they’re due and believe that they can continue to bullshit their way to fame and fortune, but I doubt it.

Polls already show that he’s not going to be able to sell the public that Democrats are responsible for the problems with Obamacare.  He and the Republicans do own this already and if they let it fail, they will own it 100%.

Democrats will run on expanding healthcare access, expanding medicare, fixing the ACA, etc.  Republicans will run on stopping Democrats from doing those things.  I’ve heard too many normal, average Republicans say they’re leaning towards single-payer now to believe that Trump’s blatherings today are anything but delusional.

The sooner Democrats make it known that this is the banner they are running on, the better.  This game plan can unite the factions like the King of the North.

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